One of the most popular breeds of small dogs, “Frenchies” as they are called, are especially favored by city dwellers. With their alert, adaptable and playful personalities, this breed is completely irresistible
French bulldogs have almost the same physical characteristics as regular bulldogs except for their “bat ears” which stand straight up, giving their faces an inquisitive, playful appearance.

Their coats are very smooth and their bodies are very compact and muscular. The Frenchie stands eleven to thirteen inches at the shoulder and usually weighs in under 28 pounds.

Frenchies make great companions for single people as well as couples and families with children. They get along very well with other dogs and don’t require a great deal of exercise which makes them great for apartment dwellers.

One important note for Frenchie owners to understand is that these dogs should never be allowed near a pool or other body of water. They cannot swim due to their body structure and will drown if left unattended.

Like many other companion dogs, Frenchies thrive on close contact with their owners and may exhibit separation anxiety if separated for more than several hours. Owners may notice this particularly when they are puppies, but the anxiety may carry over into adulthood and cause behavior problems such as destroying household items or failure to housebreak.

Even though Frenchies don’t bark very much, they do make really good watch dogs because they are super alert and never miss a second of what is going on in the household.

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