Newfoundlands or “Newfies” as they are affectionately known, are sweet tempered, devoted dogs that make great family pets. These gentle giants have large, majestic heads and a soulful expression.

The Newfoundland is an impressively large dog, with males standing 28 inches and females 26 inches. Among the world’s biggest dogs, male Newfies weigh a hefty 130 to 150 pounds and females range in weight from 100 to 120 pounds.

Newfies come in several colors including gray, brown, black, and a black-and-white coat. The black and white coated Newfoundlands are called Landseers, for the Sir Edwin Landseer, the 19th century artist who often featured them in his paintings.

One of the Newfoundland’s most appealing characteristics is their affinity for children. They are trusting and very trainable, responding very well to the gentlest of guidance.

The big boned Newfie was originally bred to be a working dog in, you guessed it…Newfoundland, and earned his keep by hauling wood from the forests and pulling nets for the area’s fishermen.

Newfoundlands have a reputation for being one of the heaviest shedders of all the dog breeds and needs frequent brushing and grooming to keep his coat looking nice. With their big webbed feet, most Newfies enjoy swimming but there are some that don’t.

In addition to being great family pets, with their gentle personalities and trainable natures, they also make good service dogs.

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