If your friends walk into your house and immediately wrinkle their noses, maybe it’s time to consider that your dog may be contributing to their discomfort. We all love our canine companions, but sometimes it’s necessary to take some steps to make sure our homes don’t smell like them!

And just a quick caution: be certain that any chemical cleaning products you use have been deemed safe to use around dogs.

First of all, you’ll want to vacuum all of your furniture throughly. Many dogs love to curl up on the sofa and while that may be fine with you as the owner, the odor they might leave behind is not.

Remove any cloth covers and wash them. Then vacuum all cushions, sofas and other furniture. Some folks like to put their cushions out in the sunshine for awhile to get them smelling fresh.

Then wash your dog’s bed. His bedding should be washed once a week, otherwise he’ll just be picking up odors when he curls up to go to sleep. You could also consider purchasing an odor resistant dog bed.

Wash the cover and if the interior cushion can be washed, then do that too. Otherwise vacuum it throughy.

Bathe your dog about once a month. If you do this too often you risk drying out his skin and causing irritation. Regular brushing and grooming is important too.

If you can, consider removing carpet. These are notorious for absorbing odors and are hard to clean. Getting rid of carpeting has other advantages as well, such as reducing allergens.

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