Let’s get this out of the way right at the start: here at the WoofPost, we (along with many veterinarians, dog training professionals and others) don’t believe in collars that inflict punishment on a dog. So prong collars and choke chains are out as a choice.

Here are the ones we recommend:

Flat neck collar – made from nylon or leather, this is the collar you will see in all the pet supply stores and it’s great for attaching your pup’s identification tag, but may not be the best choice when walking your dog. It’s best to get a breakaway collar for pups as well as adult dogs, as they are all at risk of choking should they get their collar caught on something.

Martingale collar – These collars are good for dogs that have heads smaller than their necks, such as Whippets or Greyhounds, as it helps to stop them from slipping out of their collar. The Martingale has an extra loop that tightens the collar when your pup pulls on the leash. As long as you have the collar sized correctly, the collar will tighten but not enough to choke.

Head halter – This looks more like a horse’s bridle than a collar but it is not a muzzle because your pup can still open his mouth and sniff. These head collars are very effective when used correctly to decrease leash pulling and are humane. If your dog has a neck injury or other neck problem they are likely not appropriate. Also if your dog has dental problems or gum disease, they may cause discomfort.

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