Puppies, just like human toddlers, are naturally curious and are tempted to get into everything. When you first bring a pup home, you need to have one room in your house that is dog proof. It’s not going to be possible to puppy proof your whole house, so choose one room, such as a den or living room.

You can use this room for him to be in when you are home but can’t watch him every second. If you have to leave the house, his crate is the safest place for him.

First of all, make sure everyone in the family knows which room you have designated as the puppy proof room. No one is to leave anything on tables or the floor such as socks, shoes, books or magazines and especially food.

Unplug all electrical cords and make sure they are out of your pup’s reach. Any sort of cleaning supplies, furniture polish and the like, should be put away behind a locked cabinet door. Be sure no medications are left anywhere that he might be able to get into them.

If the room is near a toilet, make sure the lid is closed so he won’t be tempted to drink out of the bowl or worse, fall in.

Be sure cords to blinds are secured so that he won’t get tangled up in them and potentially choke. Remove any houseplants from the area. Some common houseplants are poisonous to dogs.

Pick up small objects such as paper clips, jewelry, loose change, sharp objects and the like as these are choking hazards. Remove any waste bins from the area or secure with a tight fitting lid that the puppy cannot remove.

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