If you are like most dog owners, you understandably think that dogs are better than cats. After all, dogs are not known as “man’s best friend” for nothing!

Here at the WoofPost, we have nothing against our cat loving friends or their feline companions, but we have to say that dogs have our hearts and here are the reasons why:

One – Dogs are good watchdogs and will guard your home, protect your children and warn you when a stranger is approaching. We really can’t imagine a cat doing any of that.

Two – Dogs are loyal. Cats…eh…not so much. They are just as likely to turn up their noses and take a nap.

Three – Your dog helps to keep you healthy and fit. Dog owners get more exercise by walking their dogs. Granted, some cat owners walk their cats but that is unusual.

Four – Dog owners laugh more than cat owners. It’s true! A study of both dog and cat owners showed that dog owners laugh more often.

Five – Dogs don’t use litter boxes. Well, except for illicit “snacks” when they can get them. Enough said!

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