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Breed Spotlight – Bull Terrier

Many people became familiar with  this breed when the Target Corporation decided to use a Miniature Bull Terrier named Bullseye for their official mascot. Charming, playful and comical, these “eggheads” of the dog world have a reputation for being stubborn but make devoted, lovable companions.

These terriers are robust dogs, big boned and muscular. And although their hallmark trait is a set of erect, pointed ears, there are bull terriers whose ears never manage to stand up.

This breed has it’s origins in the rather gruesome sport of bull-baiting, which was popular in Britian as early as the 13th century and continued underground even when it  was outlawed. 

Bulldogs, who were too slow to provide adequate entertainment for the patrons of these gruesome events, were crossed with terriers. One of the breeds that emerged from this was the Bull Terrier.

The Bull Terrier was given recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1885 and has been an American favorite since. The key to a happy Bull Terrier is plenty of early socialization, lots of exercise, firm competent training and quality time with his human family. 

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