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How To Protect Your Dog From Coyotes

As their natural habitats shrink, coyotes have become bolder about venturing into populated areas. And as this happens, coyotes have become a very real threat to our canine companions, especially if your dog happens to be a puppy or a smaller breed.

Here are some ways you can protect your dog from a coyote attack:

One – One of the most effective things you can do is not to leave your dog outside in your yard unsupervised. This is doubly so if your fencing is inadequate or you don’t have fencing.

To keep coyotes out of your yard, fencing should be at least six feet high and buried in the ground at least eighteen inches, as coyotes are very good diggers. Coyotes are very athletic and you need something like a piece of slick PVC pipe at the top of the fence to prevent them from scaling it. Or you can purchase a commercial coyote roll.

Two – Get a coyote vest. These are specifically made for smaller dogs. They have a Kevlar neck collar which is studded with spikes, plus spikes going down the length of the back of the vest, making it very difficult for the coyote to bite.

Three – Install motion sensing yard lights to illuminate your yard at night. If a coyote does get into your yard at night, the lights that switch on will most likely scare him off.

Four – Keep your dog’s poop picked up. Dog feces attract coyotes and you want to do everything you can to deter them.

Five – Continue to protect your dog on walks. Use a leash and keep your dog near you. Most coyotes won’t attack a dog in the presence of a human. Carry a horn or loud whistle to scare off any coyotes you do see and if you have a coyote vest for a smaller dog, put it on him when you take him out for a walk.

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