There are people who simply love small dogs and others who don’t, simply because they just don’t understand how charming they can be. Here are five reasons why small dogs rule:

One – Small dogs definitely have the cuteness factor. For some owners, this might pose a problem, as small dogs can easily be spoiled, leading to behavior problems.

Two – Small dogs can’t jump on the furniture or counter surf, as they are simply too small.

Three – In general, small dogs have longer life spans than larger dogs, so owners can enjoy them longer.

Four – When it comes to cleaning up after a dog on a walk, which would you rather do, clean up after a 95 pound German shepherd or a five pound Maltese? Enough said!

Five – Small dogs don’t eat as much as large dogs, so it costs less to keep them than larger dogs.

For all you large dog lovers out there, don’t despair, we’ll have you covered soon!

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