In a previous post, we laid out all the ways small dogs rule! But seriously, you didn’t think we were going to leave you big dog owners running at the pack of the pack, right?

Here are all the ways big dogs rock:

Large dogs tend to keep their cool. They are more patient than small dogs, simply because they seem to feel secure about their own place in the world. They have absolutely nothing to prove!

Big dogs tend to be the proverbial gentle giants. Unlike small dogs, who tend not to like roughhousing with kids as they can get easily injured, big dogs are ready for rough and tumble play.

Big dogs don’t require as much exercise as you might expect. In fact, too much exercise for a big breed puppy can damage their still growing joints and bones. For adult big dogs, a long walk daily will usually suffice.

Big dogs are easier to train, probably because we have to. We tend to let little dogs get away with things we would never allow a bigger dog to do. If your little Maltese jumps up on your houseguest as they are arriving, it’s really no big deal. But if your Great Dane does the same thing, well that’s a different thing altogether.

Large dogs are babe magnets…for both men and women! There is just something special about a big dog that is attractive to people and makes them want to get to know your dog, and you, better.

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