The imposing Great Dane, interestingly enough, has nothing at all to do with Denmark, as the breed was developed in Germany! The Dane is an extremely old breed, going back at least 400 years if not further.

Danes were originally bred to hunt wild boars, but later happily took on the job of protecting their owners’ homes and families, a role they still play today. They are a courageous breed and will ferociously guard their loved ones. But with their human families, they display a softness and gentleness of spirit and are very patient with children.

The number one killer of Danes is bloat, a poorly understood condition in which the stomach twists on itself. Multiple small meals a day and the prevention of exercise after eating is recommended to try to prevent this.

These dogs are true giants, standing as tall as 32 inches at the shoulder. When they stand on their hind legs they are taller than most people. This breed, although beautiful and noble, is not for everyone, due to their sheer size, weight and considerable strength.

But for the right owners, Danes are loyal and imposing companions.

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