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Six Dog Breeds That Can Have Blue Eyes

While most dogs usually have brown eyes, there are some breeds who hit the jackpot and get the blue eyed gene:

One – Australian Shepherd

This American breed (yes, this herding dog was developed in the U.S. even though they are called Australians). Some Australians have what are known as merle coats and it’s this exquisite patterning that often gives rise to blue eyes, or even one blue and one brown.

Two – Weimaraner

Sometimes known as the “gray ghost” because of their silver-gray coats, some have eyes that are a grayish-blue. These magnificent animals were developed in Germany to hunt big game and are noted for their courage and endurance.

Three – Siberian Husky 

This beautiful northern breed was bred in Siberia for endurance and transportation over frozen snowy land. Siberians can have two blue eyes, a brown and a blue eye or two colors in each eye!

Four – Dachshund

Another German breed, this small favorite was developed to hunt prey who go underground such as badgers. Like the Australian shepherd, doxies sometimes have a dapple or merle pattern and it’s these dogs who will sometimes have blue or partially blue eyes.

Five – Border Collie

These herding dogs were bred in the British Isles. Like many other breeds who have blue eyes, these dogs can have merle coats and it’s these canines who will most often have those baby blues.

Six – Cardigan Welsh Corgi

These alert hard working herding dogs were bred for work on the farm and to handle livestock. Although their coat comes in many shades, they do have a merle variety and it’s these dogs who you will often see with blue eyes. They can also have the one blue one brown look as well.

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