Bulldog – These great family pets are fun and affectionate, but they need to be kept out of the water, as they can’t swim. They have a barrel chest and a short, pushed in face. Those features, together with their short legs, mean they can’t support themselves in the water. This is also true for other types of bulldogs such as Frenchies.

Corgi – The thick bodied Corgi has short legs just like the Bulldog, and they just can’t keep his heavy body afloat. 

Boxer – While this breed is athletic, his facial features make him a non-starter in the water.

Basset Hound – The perfect body formula for being a risk in the water: heavy body and bones, short lets and a large head.

Pug – His short snout and relatively heavy body means he can’t keep his head above water.

If you have one of these breeds and want to let him have fun in the water, then buy a plastic kiddie pool, fill it with a few inches of water and let him splash away. All dogs, no matter the breed, should be supervised when in water.

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