Let’s face it, unless you are the owner of one of these breeds, you cringe when you see their name in print because you are just not certain how to pronounce it. Or worse yet, you think you know how, only to find out you’ve been saying it wrong for years!

Here’s our “hard to pronounce” dog names guide to the rescue!

Vizsla – Hailing from Hungary, the sleek, rust colored Vizsla is a hunting dog through and through.

Here’s the wrong way to say the breed’s name: viz-sluh

And the correct way: VEESH-la

 Weimaraner – This sleek beautiful dog of German origin is also affectionately known as the Gray Ghost, due to it’s steel gray/blue coat. 

Here’s the wrong way to say the breed’s name: way-mar-ann-er

And the right way: VAHY-muh-rah-her

The reason you use a “V” at the beginning is because of it’s German pronunciation, but many English speaking people say “why-muh-rah-ner” and that’s ok too.

Papillion – This beautiful toy spaniel is named for it’s butterfly shaped ears, as the word “papillion” in French means butterfly.

Here’s the wrong way to say the breed’s name: pap-ill-on

And the right way: PAP-ee-yawn

Dachshund – These low riders of the hound world are long in body, short of leg and tall in personality!

The wrong way to pronounce the breeds name: dash-hund

And the correct way: DAHKS-und

Newfoundland – Newfies are large, heavy-boned dogs with a sweet disposition.

Here’s the wrong pay to pronounce the breed’s name: new-found-land

And the correct way: NEW-fun-land

Bichon Frise – The Bichon is an irresistible, happy go lucky dog that draws people to him wherever he goes.

The wrong way to say the breed’s name: bich-on freeze

And the right way: bee-SHAWN free-zay

Shih Tzu – Almost everyone stumbles over this little charmer’s name!

The wrong way to say it (and this could get you in trouble!): sh*ts-zoo

And the right way: sheed-ZOO

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