Every dog, whether you get her as a puppy or she’s a full grown adult from a rescue situation, needs to know seven basic commands. This will not only be good for her as they cover all the basics to make your dog a good canine citizen and help to keep her safe, mastery of these commands will also make your life together much more enjoyable.

Sit – One of the easiest of the basic commands is Sit. Dogs learn it quite easily and from the sitting position you can transition to other commands, so it’s advisable to teach this one first.

Down – This basic command helps you to control your dog and makes it easy to go into tricks such as roll over or even play dead.

Stay – This command is a must, as it’s responsible for safety and might keep her from running into a dangerous situation once she has mastered it. But be patient and keep training, as this one takes dogs a few days to learn.

Come – If you ever take your dog off her leash or if she mistakenly gets away from you, having her know the “come” command is essential. 

Heel – Having a dog that will walk serenely and calmly next to you is a joy. Walks become pleasant instead of a leash pulling contest!

Off – The ability to keep your dog off the counter, furniture and especially from jumping on visitors is really valuable so take some time to train this one.

No – Don’t want your dog to do something? Then this is the command to use.

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