June 18, 2020 – According to both the CDC (Centers For Disease Control) and the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) when walking your dog, you should apply the six foot social distancing rule to your canine companions as well as yourself.

Both agency guidelines go on to say that there is a small, but real risk that people with COVID-19 could spread the virus to their dog or any dog with which they had close contact. It’s not yet clear if the dog could then infect other dogs and people.

The current recommendations state you should not let your dog interact with other animals or people outside your immediate household. Dogs should be walked on a leash and should be kept at least six feet away from other dogs, other animals and people.

For now, dog parks or other places where large numbers of people gather, should be avoided.

If you become ill with COVID-19 you should, if at all possible, have someone else care for your dog while you are sick. If this is not possible, wear a facemask and wash your hands thoroughly before and after caring for them.

Also avoid petting, snuggling, sharing food with your dog, and do not share a bed or allow your dog to kiss or lick you.

Do NOT place a mask on your dog, as covering their faces could cause them harm.

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